About Us


At ZAKKIA, we are on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place through good design.

From our very first collection in 2014 we made a promise to ourselves that every ZAKKIA product would be carefully crafted – by hand. A handcrafted object is one to be loved and enjoyed over a lifetime, possibly generations. It is unique and unlike any other. With that in mind we approach each design with the mindset of quality and longevity to create a special piece for you to love.

We are a Sydney based studio, founded by Swede-turned-Sydneysider Sara Lundgren. ZAKKIA is essentially a point where Sara’s Swedish upbringing surrounded by design, and her love of natural materials meet. These influences along with a love of handcrafted objects are the foundations of each ZAKKIA design.




We put a lot of energy into finding likeminded makers who share our passion for quality, handcrafted homewares, and we were fortunate to find these amazing partners at the start of our journey. Our makers are all family-owned studios located mostly in Vietnam, with a couple in India as well. We have very open relationships and love the fact that they are a part of the whole design process, often giving us advice about certain materials from their own experiences. You can read more about our extended team of makers here.



Natural materials & clean shapes

The material is really the guiding force behind many of our designs. Our inspiration often comes from a material’s texture, or thinking about using a material in a way that hasn’t been done before. You will never find anything fussy about our designs. We find beauty in function and we always try to design products that can be used in multiple ways in many rooms of your home. We also think about how you might use our products together, for example a candle sitting inside a tray, so we make sure that all our products work as well together as they do alone.



ZAKKIA is a place of acceptance and encouragement. We aim to inspire each other and promote a constantly positive atmosphere.




Founder & Designer