2017 Collection 01 Sneak Peek

We are very excited to be able to share our latest designs with you soon!

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ZAKKIA inner circle bud vases



In our 2017 Collection 01, we have focused on strong silhouettes to frame the textured natural materials we have chosen to work with. Each form is simple, clean and evokes a sense of excitement.

The more closely you look, the more detail you will find.


ZAKKIA Podium Pots ZAKKIA tab tableware


We have experimented with colour more than ever before, introducing a eucalyptus-inspired sage green across tableware and vases. This subtle hue works in gentle contrast to our core pallet of black, white and grey.

As with every product we create, 2017:01 has been lovingly crafted by hand. We have collaborated with the same makers we have worked with since ZAKKIA'S inception, and love sharing the outcome of this partnership with you.


ZAKKIA new pots and vases



ZAKKIA Terrazzo Dimple Tray in Snow and Sage

Download our new 2017 Collection 01 catalogue to start choosing your new favourites!

ZAKKIA new 2017 collection 01 catalogue




Need something new to look at?

Get back into the work swing with a new desktop wallpaper or screen saver.

Our new collection photos have a beautiful soothing feel, with lots of soft colours and greenery.

We have created downloadable images at the perfect size for you. All you have to do is download, choose your favourite and wait for the calm to come.


Download here.

ZAKKIA wallpapers